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Specialty Poultry Nutrition

From ducks to game birds, specialty poultry have unique needs based on species and market. Our dedicated poultry nutritionist and field consultants work closely with customers to maximize productivity and profitability.

Our specialty poultry nutrition program includes:
  •  Duck
  •  Partridge
  •  Pheasant
  •  Quail
  •  Silkie
  •  Special Dual
  •  Squab
  •  Taiwanese Chicken

We leverage comprehensive ingredient analyses from our in-house lab as well as externally accredited laboratories to monitor the quality of the products in our feeds. Finished feed products are then carefully evaluated to verify the feed is manufactured exactly to our specifications.

To help maintain industry best practices, our nutritional specialists work closely with technical resources at genetics companies, research universities, feed ingredient supply companies and veterinarians.

Benefit from a Nutrition Program that Fits Your Needs

To discuss how we can help you maximize your special poultry's health, nutrition and performance, contact us.

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